Basic Gameplay

The Hunger Games is an all-out deathmatch. It's either kill or be killed in this hostile environment. Pick from many kits to get a small bonus in the game, from there it's up to you. Once the game starts everyone spawns in the same location and you have 2 minutes of invincibility, use this time to quickly get wood and make yourself a weapon. Use the compass to find and locate players: right click on the ground with your compass and you'll find be pointed in the right direction. Diamonds cannot be mined but can be obtained through NPC villages and mineshafts. And don't forget food, you don't want to starve in the Hunger Games, do you? Every game there's the chance of a feast. The feast is a game-changer, 5 minutes before the feast starts the XYZ location of the feast is broadcasted in chat, at the feast are many goodies such as potions, TNT, diamond gear, and food. But beware, other opponents and enemies will be there, lurking around, trying to obtain the contents. Can you get there in one piece?

Choosing a Kit

There are many kits available to choose from, some are premium, some are free. A good kit can be the difference between winning and losing. The best kit is a matter of opinion and depends on the person. You'll have to experiment to see what kit you think is the best and how to use it to the best of its ability.


We only have 1 rule on all of our servers: No Hacking! This means that client mods that give you an advantage over other players are not allowed. So, no flying, no speed hacking, no x-ray, etc. We do actively detect these hacks (including x-ray!) and ban players who use them.

    Server Info
    Hunger games:
    Weekly Kits
    Free: Achilles, Analyzer, Anchor, Archer VIP: Array, Backpacker, Barbarian MVP: Beastmaster, Berserker, Boxer, Burrower PRO: All
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